Berry Law, P.A.
Christopher Berry, Esq.
Attorney Christopher Berry practiced construction law and civil litigation for several years in Raleigh, North Carolina before returning to his home town of Gorham, Maine with his family to join Judith Berry's family formation practice in 2011.

Attorney Christopher Berry is actively licensed in Maine and New Hampshire, and focuses his practice in family formation, including adoptions and assisted reproductive technology cases. Before returning to Maine, Christopher Berry was licensed in North Carolina and Virginia. 

Nolan v. LaBree, 2012 ME 61. Attorney Christopher Berry wrote a brief and appeared at oral argument on behalf of the intended parents of a child born of assisted reproductive technology. The District Court held that it lacked the power to determine maternity and that the birth certificate, which had the gestational carrier's name, could not be changed. On appeal, the Law Court decided the intended parents that they were the legal parents, that the District Court has the power to determine maternity and that the State of Maine could change the birth certificate to reflect the intended legal status.

"In the context of an undisputed case like this one, when individuals.... seek a judgment declaring their legal parentage, and the other parties.... have specifically asserted that they do not wish to be recognized as the child’s parents, the court is authorized to determine that the individuals are the parents of the child and thereby that the gestational carrier and her husband are not the parents of the child." id. at 5.

This landmark case established assisted reproductive law in Maine. Please contact Attorney Berry for more information.